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Instructions on installation
  1. Download and install AvalonRO.
  2. Register from the Control Panel link on the navigation bar on the side.
  3. Go into Ragnarok folder and open "Avalon Ragnarok Online.exe"!
> Download RO Client Here

My antivirus says that the AvalonRO patch is a trojan/virus ?!
Some antivirus programs have started to detect AvalonRO as a trojan. This is a false alarm, if you downloaded the file from us it's perfectly clean. We recommend that you add the AvalonRO patcher to the trusted/excluded files, or that you disable the antivirus when installing and patching. We are currently working on a patcher without this flaw. Thank you for your patience.

My installers aren't working?
With the newer security settings of Windows Vista and Windows 7, a filescan was introduced as part of running any program on your computer. Since the installers are so big, it can take around 5 minutes from you doubleclick your installer, until you get a popup asking if you will allow it to run. If you get impatient and try running it multiple times, the computer can slow down to nearly being unuseable, and the installers will take a lot longer time before working. Please try running it only once and wait a while!

If you are using an earlier version of Windows, you might want to try redownloading your installers, as a faulty download could be the source of your trouble.

If you do not use a Windows machine, you will have to find Ragnarok Online installers fitting your Operating System, instead of the installers offered in our download section.

My game keeps crashing when I log in?
When you crash ingame, it is almost solely because your game lacks content that the server tells it to display. Such as a player sitting nearby with a headgear that your game is not yet updated to have. In those cases, make sure the Ragray and AvalonRO patchers have fully patched your game. Make sure to run those patchers as administrator, if you are running on Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you have tried and failed this, a tried-and-true hotfix is to install Ragray somewhere, and patch it. Then install the AvalonRO patcher to a different folder, letting it patch, and then moving the entire contents of your AvalonRO installation into your Ragnarok installation folder. Accept to overwrite whatever it tries to overwrite, and let AvalonRO patch again.