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AvalonRO is unique server for fan of Ragnarok Online. We have dedicated ourselves to creating an experience that is different from anything else. The fast paced combat combined with an easy-to-get-into setting makes it perfect for those who are seeking new and exciting experiences.

Our server has been open since 2006, first using Freiya, eAthena, and now, Hercules. The third server has opened on January 1st, 2014. Start fresh at our new server.

This website is outdated, but we're already working on crafting a new Home Page. All the links and info should be accurate with the new server.
News  - 2014/01/01

- The new server is up and running. Join us on Avalon3!
- To download the new client: Click here
- Make sure to read our new rules properly: Click here
- To create an account on the new server: Click here
- Our new ticket system for Avalon3 is up and running if you have any account/item related issues you can notify us there instead of the old link: Click here
News  - 2013/09/22

The GM applications are now closed.
News  - 2013/09/11

The GM applications are open again! Do you want to help the server and try to become a gm? Give it a shot by writing your application on the forums.

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